ZOiD – Dexaphonic EP (Incl. John Tejada & Dan Curtin Remixes)



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      MET039 A1 - ZOiD - Space Station Dexaphonic (original mix)
      MET039 A2 - ZOiD - Space Station Dexaphonic (John Tejada remix)
      MET039 B1 - ZOiD - 9713 Poochy (original mix)
      MET039 B2 - ZOiD - 9713 Poochy (Dan Curtin remix)

Spanning over decades, Metamorphic Recordings has become a staple name amongst the realms of discerning house and low end leaned techno, and the 39th release is a sure sign the label are showing no signs of slowing down the pace. Dublin based ZOiD is the artist of choice here, the electronic and jazz musician showcasing his genre straining sound with two slick and innovative cuts, writing the narrative for the “Dexaphonic EP”. The originals are in fine company as pioneer of the game John Tejada turns out a remix on the A side, with label founder Dan Curtin joining in the festivities on the B side.

A1. Space Station Dexaphonic
A2. Space Station Dexaphonic (John Tejada Remix)
B1. 9713Poochy
B2. 9713Poochy (Dan Curtin remix)

Catalogue Number: MET039


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