Vector Trancer – Hypertribe EP


(Mirror Zone) – (MZ007)

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      Vector Trancer SNIPPS 1-A1 - Cilgens Spirit Guide
      Vector Trancer SNIPPS 2-A2 - Apex Arcanist 0.3
      Vector Trancer SNIPPS 3-B1 - Zit'ets Mending
      Vector Trancer SNIPPS 4-B2 - Der Nebelghast

Impressions cast from lyric and rhythm – desire in movement, now articulated and set forth. Meaning arises between attention and action. In darkness what is it?

Air is breath, like light through crystal; it’s truth and sacred geometry. A version like ancient stone – the sample shows in layers, solid time. Compressed life. Pages packed together and seen from the edge, razor sharp and two dimensional. We are the salt we become, our children and ancestors. All at once, being forever; a verse, then volume and tome.

But we slow, dragging like ploughs tilling clay. The physical is a language like memory – translated into real. Turn from backwards to parallel, watch it reduce; remember downstream. The rock, earth and salt, our real reconfigured.

Type peels away, turning to sand in the wash. Disordering disorder – now still. Translation becomes everything, set sequence and entropy. Whole, to node, to nothing, and all. Not new, just another.

Vector Trancer’s journey continues; re-emerging into the central stream, deep dub glows and woven polyrhythm conjure vital knowledge for protection and expression. Viridis Mantra and outer canopy steam, we’re brought tense rhythm experiments and biospheric reverb – see further excursions in atmos and shades from Touch, Fax, Geometrik, or Ed Handley on a dark one.

Format: 12″ Vinyl
Label: Mirror Zone
Catalogue Number: MZ007
Record Condition: Near Mint (NM or M-)
Sleeve Condition: Near Mint (NM or M-)

No Title Duration
A1 Cilgens Spirit Guide 05:46
A2 Apex Arcanist 0.3 06:54
B1 Zit’ets Mending 06:33
B2 Der Nebelghast 05:57


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