The Sun Ra Arkestra – To Those Of Earth… And Other Worlds


(Strut, Art Yard, !K7 Records, !K7 Records) – (STRUT125LP)

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Format: 12″ Vinyl
Label: Strut, Art Yard, !K7 Records, !K7 Records
Catalogue Number: STRUT125LP
Record Condition: Near Mint (NM or M-)
Sleeve Condition: Near Mint (NM or M-)

No Title Duration
LP-A1 Love In Outer Space (Vocal) 3:50
LP-A2 On Jupiter 4:02
LP-A3 Spontaneous Simplicity (Stereo Version) 3:01
LP-A4 Dreaming 2:46
LP-A5 Black Sky And Blue Moon 3:02
LP-B1 Enlightenment 2:57
LP-B2 The World Of Africa 3:00
LP-B3 They Plan To Leave 6:08
LP-B4 Children Of The Sun 4:28
LP-C1 Blackman 7:44
LP-C2 India 4:50
LP-C3 Mystery, Mr. Ra 3:07
LP-C4 The All Of Everything 4:23
LP-D1 When There Is No Sun 4:35
LP-D2 Sleeping Beauty 11:51
LP-D3 We Travel The Spaceways 3:27
CD1-1 Calling Planet Earth
CD1-2 Sun Song
CD1-3 Dreaming
CD1-4 India
CD1-5 Space Loneliness
CD1-6 Love In Outer Space (Vocal)
CD1-7 Adventure-Equation
CD1-8 Spontateous Simplicity
CD1-9 Brazilian Sun
CD1-10 When There Is No Sun
CD1-11 My Brother The Wind
CD1-12 Mystery, Mr. Ra
CD1-13 Black Sky And Blue Moon
CD1-14 Watusa
CD1-15 The World Of Africa
CD1-16 Cluster Of Galaxies
CD1-17 Strange Worlds (Live In France)
CD1-18 Blackman
CD2-1 Twilight
CD2-2 Sleeping Beauty
CD2-3 Moog Solo (Live In France)
CD2-4 They Plan To Leave
CD2-5 Children Of The Sun
CD2-6 We Travel The Spaceways
CD2-7 We Travel The Spaceways
CD2-8 Astro Black (Live In Zurich)
CD2-9 Somebody Else’s Idea
CD2-10 I Roam The Cosmos
CD2-11 On Jupiter
CD2-12 There Are Other Worlds (They Have Not Told You Of)
CD2-13 The All Of Everything
CD2-14 Enlightenment
CD2-15 Make Another Mistake
CD2-16 Space Is The Place


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