Onra – Chinoiseries Pt. 1, 2 & 3


(All City Records) – (ACCLPx1x2x3)

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Label: All City Records
Catalogue Number: ACCLPx1x2x3
Record Condition: Near Mint (NM or M-)
Sleeve Condition: Near Mint (NM or M-)

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Chinoiseries Pt. 1
A1 Introduction
A2 The Anthem
A3 Chop Your Hands
A4 Relax In Mui Ne
A5 Naughty Hottie (Interlude)
A6 Eat Dog
A7 Last Tango In Saigon
A8 Apocalypse Now
B1 I Wanna Go Back
B2 Full Backpack
B3 War
B4 Lesson With The Master
B5 Dark Sea
B6 Phuoc Dat (Interlude)
B7 Boundless Boundaries
B8 What Up Duyet?
C1 Welcome To Viet Nam
C2 Here Come The Flutes
C3 The Vallee Of Love
C4 Smoking Buddha
C5 Clap Clap
C6 Bounce (Interlude)
C7 Live From Hue
C8 Where’s My Longan?
D1 Take A Ride
D2 Raw
D3 The Ritual
D4 Cymbal Oelek
D5 The Third Sword (Interlude)
D6 One Day
D7 They Got Breaks Too
D8 Hope
Chinoiseries Pt. 2
A1 The Arrival
A2 A New Destiny
A3 It’s All Memories
A4 Remember The Name
A5 Open The Door
A6 Gotta Go
A7 Mai’s Theme
A8 Words Of Encouragement
B1 Trapped
B2 One For The Wu
B3 No Matter What
B4 Meet The Queen
B5 Stay With Me
B6 Opium Delirium
B7 Cold Blooded
B8 Where I’m From
C1 Still Broke
C2 Snakes & Smoke
C3 Mai’s Theme 2
C4 Raw Shit
C5 Ms. Ho
C6 All Night
C7 In My Hind
C8 Hide & Seek
D1 Play The Game
D2 Warriors Pride
D3 Like Father, Like Son
D4 Fight Or Die
D5 Through The Flesh
D6 Tears Of Joy
D7 They Got Breaks Two
D8 The End
Chinoiseries Pt. 3
A1 The Final Chapter
A2 Loyalty
A3 Autumn Moon Shining Over the Calm Lake
A4 Reminds Me Of…
A5 Will I See You Again
A6 Hold My Hand
A7 The Storm
A8 Fake Porcelain
B1 Moonlit Street
B2 Like The Seasons
B3 Lin Shao Ding
B4 Tea Vender On the Street
B5 Behind The Curtain
B6 Voices In My Head
B7 Keep Your Head Up
B8 Waterlily
C1 Memories From 1968
C2 Thank You Very Much
C3 Last Cup Of Wine
C4 Zoodiac
C5 Against The Wall
C6 Trip To Yunnan
C7 New Year’s In Guang Zhou
C8 A Distant Dream
D1 Incantation
D2 Pearl Song
D3 The Spirit Blossoms All Over The Land
D4 Legacy
D5 Betrayal
D6 Persons on the Blacklist
D7 They Got Breaks Pt.3
D8 Bye Bye
4 Tracks Exclusive
A1 Disco Night In Beijing
A2 Hong Kong Fury
A3 Shanghai Boogie
A4 Stage 3


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