Naphta – Democracy.Now


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No Title
A1 Radio Now Part 1
A2 War Goes On
A3 Game On Part 1
A4 Pray For War
A5 Shock Doc
A6 Iraqification
A7 Top Gun
B1 Independence Day
B2 Let Freedom Reign
B3 Game On Part 2
B4 All Business
B5 54321 Freed*m
C1 Radio Now Part 2
C2 The Devil Walks Between Us
C3 Emerald City
C4 The War For Cheese
C5 I Will Go
C6 Hearts And Minds
C7 Baghdad Blues Part 1
C8 Embedded
D1 Final Destination
D2 Baghdad Blues Part 2
D3 When I Start Shaking
D4 You Got Me Over There


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