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Jana Rush – Painful Enlightenment



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Chicago’s Jana Rush returns with “Painful Enlightenment”, an intense emotional rollercoaster of disfigured samples, quivering electronics and vagrant percussion. As implied by the title, the album is a document of her own personal growth through struggles with depression and suicidal thoughts, a glimpse into a dark period of her life amid learning the art of letting go. Her debut for Planet Mu is the follow-up to her twisted “Pariah” LP on Objects Limited. It’s euphonic and uplifting, even blissful, yet equally chilling, and at times a difficult listening experience. Jana says “This album is not a footwork album. It’s more like dark experimental listening music, an opportunity to be myself without judgement!”

1. Moanin’ 02:40
2. Suicidal Ideation 08:59
3. Painful Enlightenment 04:35
4. G-Spot 05:49
5. Disturbed 03:52
6. Disorientation 04:01
7. Mynd Fuc 05:07
8. Intergalactic Battle (ft. DJ Paypal) 02:44
9. Drivin’ Me Insane (ft. Nancy Fortune) 03:35
10. 3 03:02
11. Just A Taste (ft. DJ Paypal) 04:24

Catalogue Number: ZIQ428


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