Huerco S. – Plonk



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      Plonk I
      Plonk II
      Plonk III
      Plonk IV
      Plonk IX (Feat. SIR E.U.)
      Plonk V
      Plonk VI
      Plonk VII
      Plonk VIII
      Plonk X

The first Huerco S. album in 6 years, Plonk’s world does not wholly resemble anything Brian Leeds has made under any alias. His sound palette has broadened to absorb and refine trap’s un-smeared geometrics and drill’s taught rhythms amongst the gaseous bodies and soul-piercing ambience that has garnered such acclaim; Where those previous veins were rooted in the pre-Columbian civilizations of his native Kansas, Plonk reflects the mournful sodium glow of cities at night, street corners that light up with painful moments of clarity you wish would disappear.

Catalogue Number: INC-015


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