Bespoke Cutter – The Balance Of Risk



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      Mood Piece - BESPOKE CUTTER
      Oddities - BESPOKE CUTTER
      The Balance Of Risk - BESPOKE CUTTER
      Kassette - BESPOKE CUTTER
      Zones - BESPOKE CUTTER

Bespoke cutter’s journey into the unknown continues across five tracks of stripped hyper-funk. Sliced and diced, this meticulously crafted music is designed for the body as much as the brain. There are hints of so many genres here and yet, all woven together for maximum funk – and damage on the most discerning of floors. The previous bespoke cutter releases have gained widespread attention from those in the know – and this is the most developed and satisfying work yet.

Heavyweight white vinyl, hand stamped kraft cover with unique artwork print.

Catalogue Number: NV003


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